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Facial Del Mar CA

Every treatment is different
We customize each facial specifically for what you, your skin and soul in need for.
We use organic skin lines like Eminence, Sorella Apothecary, Epicuren, HydroPeptide, FarmHouseFresh, SkinScript Fruity Enzymes and more.
Every treatment includes ample of body massages, hot rocks for nerve soothing, crystals for energy healing and reiki.
We use cutting edge infra red light therapy
It promotes healing on cellular level, rejuvenation, collagen, elastin and fibroblast, as well as blood circulation and many other benefits.
But most important, we have an intention to heal, that’s hard to find, but you found it!
Welcome home!
Call us for any questions, concerns or special requests
We’re here to listen and deliver the best


PEACHES inHONEY great as a very satisfying, rich appetizer.
Soft touch REiKI, drops of Peppermint and Lavender, to relax your outer world and awaken your inner. Deep, soft, slow massage technique to introduce you to Planet Wow, where you feel like your body light floating near by, yet your mind is traveling in Space.
Soothing milky cream Blubbery cleanse followed by Pear & Poppy Seed polisher, Orange Blossom Gel Clenz to get it ready for the next step.
Blackberry Lime Fruitfoliant Enzyme gently exfoliates while being very soothing to the skin, by nourishing with minerals and antioxidants. While enzymes working on your face, we focus on your quality traveling time to planet Wow by providing Scalp, neck, shoulders and the back massaged with the special oil blend we freshly mixed for you.
Peach & Honey is next step to replenish and enrich every cell with yummy vitamins packed mask. We like to play with your hair, and our guests like it a lot!

1hour - $135


Effective and safe treatment to address a few: age spots, pigment, acne, scaring, doll/gray looking skin, wrinkled dry skin, regulating for oil production, pore reducer. Collagen & elastin promoter.
We start with KANSA Wand, massaging your face
Dimondermabrasion , followed by Pumpkin Enzyme, layered with Vitamin C peel.
The essence of aromatic blend of oils takes you away, while your arms and shoulders massaged, back of the neck and head.
Blueberry Soy Mask, layered with SeaCollagen Termo mask
Foot reflexology is part of the experience. Your entire body is in heaven!
Our promise to you!

90 min -


Have to look sexy and radiant in half hour?! Try our fast and effective Diamond Dermabrasion followed by Papaya Enzyme Mask. Skin appears brighter, tighter, plumper and happier in seconds.

30 min -

Healing Acne Facial

Let us take care of this problem! We specialize in acne prone skin, we educate, not just treat. New approch – new skin!
No aggressive acids, no overdrying your skin, just soothing and healing.
It’s purifying, blemish targeting, anti-bacterial facial where focus will be on helping reduce inflammation and regulate sebum production, returning clarity and luminosity to the skin. We strongly believe in extractions when needed and we know how to perform it properly. French Moss powder & mask are amazing healers. High Frequency willl complete this treatment.
Infra Red LED therapy is recommended to be added to this facial.

45-60 min – $90
LED light add on $30


It's a deep and effective way to recharge. We focus on your upper body: head, neck, shoulders, back, arms. Hot stones, healing crystals, aromatherapy, reflexology,reiki, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage are all part of this experience. Our regulars admit it's better then full body two hour massage. We also focus on your breathing making it an important part of your meditation of the day. Namaste

30 min – $65

Heal With Love

When you down and low on energy, when it’s hard to focus even on pleasant things life has to offer, this treatment designed to help you see clearer and in a more positive way.
Healing Loving Touch is essential part in this journey.
Organic Aromatherapy, oils that awaken your inner senses, pressure points, hot rocks, crystals and gems like rose quartz, amber, jade and much more is what we use along with intention to heal, by just making you feel like a baby again.
This session was designed after careful observation what makes a real difference in our guests experience.
Love does. And we know how to deliver the most pure version of it.
Great for full body detox, relaxation, headache, depression and more

2 hours+ – $300