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Girlfriends getaway

Hello Goddess,
You’re invited to participate in a monthly ceremony to step into your divine Goddess power to recharge and meet your Goddess girlfriends at our Shabby-Lovy Shack!
We will cater delicious food, organic, nutritional and mouth watering flavors from all over the globe.
Desserts served in our retreat made with ingredients that love your figure and won’t make you ever regret eating it. Sugar or flower banned in our special recipes!
While you enjoy a beautiful outdoor garden, sun, birds and butterflies, we will be offering few different relaxing options to enjoy:

Venus Glory

it’s a deep relaxation into peace and love to yourself. Head, face, shoulders, neck and back massage. Long, slow motions and acupressure blended in this 30 min session.
We use safe organic essential oils. We will blend your own desired scent for the day
(We carry 20 different essential oils)


Did you know there’re 70.000 nerve endings on the bottom of your feet ? Yes, that’s why it always feels SOooo good when your feet rubbed. Imagine half hour long hot crystals and sun infused hot rocks therapy.
Ahhhhhh… so good!

Milky Way

We will be working on your love chakra.
Heated sash of cherry pits on your lower belly. While you melt into your DreamLand, your arms, hands and shoulders get massaged with our special oils blend. Your feet get massage too, so just close your eyes and trust the expert fill you with cosmic energy.

We use only certified carrier organic oils like: almond, jojoba, sesame, coconut.

Experience like this one will leave pleasant memories, absolutely unique and your girlfriends will thank you forever!
We love to pamper, cater and make everyone happy. Let us make your day brighter and easier

This unforgettable experience, great for bride showers, girls getaway, and just fun afternoon in a relaxing cozy shabby chic spa in the heart of downtown Del Mar near beach $125 per person