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Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5 works by regulating the body’s oil-producing glands, which then effectively reduces oily skin. Because of this, Vitamin B5 treats the actual source of the acne problem rather than combating only the symptoms. For that reason, this treatment is much more effective than the topical creams on the market. Once you begin treating the cause of your acne, the symptoms (oily skin, pimples, etc.) simply disappear!

The most important reason that B5 vitamins are the absolute best choice for treating acne is that the treatment actually works. The vitamins work to reduce oily skin, which in turn reduces and eliminates acne. The B5 vitamin treatment can also cause pores to shrink, which also reduces acne and improves the overall look of the face. Extreamly important to choose the right dose for individual suffering from acne, we always do it during our free consultation.

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