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Facials on the Coast – Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas

We offer customized facials based on your specific needs and concerns. Sometimes we combine different modalities to achieve best results.


Our signature, most popular facial. We scan your needs & desires and create a plan for entire experience. Soft & fluffy creamy cleanse applied with special brush to create lymphatic drainage followed by pore detox toner, prozyme-enzyme exfotherapy, ultrasonic black head extractions (if needed), HighFrequency Tesla current or/and mask.

Acne / Hyperpigmentation / Congested / Dehydrated / AntiAging

60 min – $175, 90 min – $200


Pumpkin, Banana, Cranberry, Lemon Zest, Mango and other fruit enzymes offered year round for light & safe exfoliation for our most sensitive skin guests. Gets job done without irritating delicate skin types while hydrating & nourishing, leaving skin soft, even and plump.

Not suitable for active acne and rosacea

45 min – $160

FULL MOON experience facial + massage

Our very special and house designed combo of upper body massage and facial. It’s 100 min long and endlessly relaxing, exfoliating, hydrating and tuning the skin.
45 min décolleté, neck, head, arms, shoulders and back detoxifying and lymph draining massage with jasmine infused sesame warm oil and rose quartz stones.
Facial in this combo is a customized and tailored to your intentions and needs of the skin.

100 min – $295


DMK Paramedical famous plasmatic effect treatment. This protocol will restore natural balance of the enzymatic level of the skin. Enzyme Therapy 1 promotes blood stimulation with oxygen supply to skin cells, vitaminC infusion, strengthening vessels and capillaries. Rejuvenating, nourishing, deeply resurfacing, hydrating and brightening. Magical transformation of the skin with instant glow.
Enzyme therapy 2 & 3 lifting and tightening effect is even stronger answer to sagging, weak or tired looking skin.
Any skin type

Anti Aging / Acne / Hyperpigmentation / Tightening / DeepHydra

120 min – $250


Nano technology microneedling system combined with professional grade serums and toners. As a result of this skin stimulation, collagen and elastin cells awaken, creating youthful environment for overall skin health, deep hydration, diminishing fine lines, improving texture & color. By getting a series of 4-6 consecutive (every 2-3 weeks) visibly improves acne scaring, creating lifting/tightening effect. LED therapy included.

60 min $180

SANDALWOOD TANTRA Full body massage

Intuitive and slow motion meditative and intention driven, senses awakening experience.
Escape reality and enter magical wonderland, with healing earthy elements to ground and align you.
Sage & sandalwood, malachite and copper, amethyst water and herbs just to name few elements of the treatment.
Detoxifying, lymph draining, relaxing, mind slowing, centering and clarifying. We use special house blend of sesame oil with infused clove and jasmine.
This treatment includes cupping, it’s optional, yet strongly recommended.

90 min – $250
120 min – $320


A 4 step skin recharge. Alkaline water pressure modality, charged with botanical toners, vitamins and serums. Using this system your skin is deeply hydrated, lightly exfoliated and enriched with nutrients.

Dehydrated / Dry / Dull/tired skin / Congested / Anti aging

45 min $135

KOREAN SPICE face • neck • décolleté massage

We like to offer eclectic variety of experiences, this one is one of our specialty and unique to our skin boutique.
Invigorating, oxygen stimulating, lifting face, neck & décolleté massage with Monoi Oil.
Korugi is Korean ancient technique to awaken skin youth and radiance, promote healthy blood crculation, collagen synthesis and erase fine lines.
Your skin gets warm fuzzy tingle and rosy glow, hydrated and happy.

45 min – $140
60 min – $175


Professional LED therapy light for healthy cell metabolism and happy looking skin. Promotes healing, kills bacteria, restores pH balance, increases blood circulation.

30 min – $45